Everything started with large format comics and colourful drawings that I showed a friend of my parents when I was barely three years old. Over time, my father encouraged this hobby with the reward system used in my education throughout childhood. El Capitán Trueno and El Jabato were my early heroes, which stimulated my imagination.
From comics I discovered painting; the forbidden fruit that I could not chew for years for lack of money and space. When I began my studies at the School of Arts and Crafts in Sevilla, I was met with radical opposition from my father; more concerned about the possibility of neglecting the permanent job I had at that time rather than encouraging my dream. I did not mind. Every lunchtime for five years I ate in school whilst studying and working so as not to miss a moment of class.
Later, when the opportunity arose to join the University of Fine Arts, I had just three months to prepare for my entrance exams. It was Luis Montes, my teacher and my mentor, who in that short time took care of me, allowing me to wise up and face my fear of canvas and complicated still life drawings.
The rest is a history of travel and continued learning.

Curriculum vitae_________________________________________________________________________

  • 1995 Masters in Design. Sevilla University, Spain.
  • 1994 Masters in Communication. Sevilla University, Spain.
  • 1990 PGCE, Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Sevilla University, Spain
  • 1987 Bachelor degree with honors Fine Arts. Sevilla University, Spain.
  • 1979 Bachelor Decorative Arts. Decorative Arts School, Sevilla, Spain.
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